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Troop 422 is chartered by St. Catherine of Siena church in Kennesaw, GA.

Boy Scouts is a program for boys aged 11 - 18. If your son is between the ages of 7 to 10 and interested in Scouting, he is eligible to join a Cub Scout Pack. Here is the website for the Cub Scout program at St. Catherine's, for your convenience:  http://www.pack422.org

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2014 POINSETTIA FUNDRAISER Parent Needed to Coordinate

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 4:14pm

It is that time of year again. If any parent is interested in managing the selling of the Poinsettia Plants this year, please call or email Ken Bateh for all the details. I will help you through the process of collecting and distributing.

Scouts, this is an excellent opportunity to nearly double your profit on each sale and all the money earned goes directly to you! This is the best fundraiser we have!

Ken Bateh



Rifle Merit Badge Clinic on September 6 (You MUST reserve your place)

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 4:08pm

Did you take the Rifle Merit Badge at summer camp (this year or in the past) and come home with it incomplete?  

Don't despair, we have a chance to complete it!  A shooting session will be held at Woodruff on September 6th to work on outstanding requirements.  Cost will be $15 per scout, and includes lunch. We will plan to leave at 6:30am with an anticipated return time of 6:00pm (times may change).  **Reservations required by August 4th.**

 Please pay Ms. Starr and register with Ms. Galloway in person or through email (HeatherGalloway@comcast.net).

Parental Help Needed for Camping/Cooking programs

Posted on Jul 27 2014 - 9:25pm

Parents of T422,

I am working to finalize two new programs for our scouts. These programs are designed to meet two specific goals. Provide a flexible program to meet the classroom/bookwork requirements, and also provide some structure to our ongoing troop activities to ensure that as scouts complete requirements they are getting the signatures needed to complete the badges. Sounds simple? It is very simple as long as we have the volunteers needed to execute.

I will need 6 parents not currently in a committee role, or ASM position. I will also need 2 ASM/SM participants to assist on the ongoing monthly camping activities. Requirements are minimal, and time demands are also minimal over the course of the year. Again, keeping it simple. It is essential to assist our young scouts in their success. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kevin De Long


Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 10:03pm

To encourage the development of good communication skills, Troop 422 requests that scouts persue answers themselves by calling or meeting in person. This means that parents are asked not to call, email or text, and scouts are asked not to email or text, to initiate contact.

Using announce@troop422.us

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 10:03pm

Please do not reply to any emails from "announce@troop422.us". This address broadcasts to the whole troop so everyone will get your reply. Instead, see from whom the email came and reply just to that person.

When you send an email now using the announce address, please cc yourself as a recipient. I believe this will make it so others can see who the original sender was. MyTroop/SOAR recently had to change the send settings for announce emails to get around some filtering issues with a few major email providers like Yahoo and ATT. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Please get on the list to help with Board of Reviews

Posted on Apr 27 2014 - 3:07pm

Parents, if you are willing to occasionally serve on a Board of Review, we would like to hear from you.

Char would like to have an email list of parents she can send a message to when there is a Board of Review coming up, so she can get a few parents lined up to serve before the meeting rolls around. This will make the Board of Review process less stressful for her to organize and will make the experience more efficient for parents and scouts too. :)

Please send an email to let Char to let her know if you'd be willing to be on the list to serve once in awhile, as you are available:  charkinion@gmail.com 

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